Golden Passage

18" x 24"

Oil on canvas   Sold

custom frame

Laurel River

20" x 30"

Oil on canvas       $ 2,200.00 USD

custom frame

Welcome to nature's bounty! 

Landscape Paintings

Sally Shelton Nooney

There is a special feeling in being outdoors.  All of your senses come alive trying to capture everything going on around you.  No matter what the season, there is beauty and mystery, scent and sound. I think of these things while I'm painting, creating a special place that invites you in, bringing back memories.

Mountaintop Meadow

7" x 11"

Watercolor on Paper


Fat Nana's Chickens

16" x 20"

Oil  on canvas          $900.00 USD unframed

Morning Mist

16" x 20"

Acrylic on Canvas     $ 1,000.00 USD unframed

Footbridge at Sweet Water

9" x 12"

Oil on canvas, plein aire


Meeting in the Park

11" x  7"

Watercolor on Paper