Man's Best Friend

 Glass Powder Drawing on white glass

3" H x 6" W


Large Turtle

Iridescent and dichroic glass   


Welcome to Fused Glass Art!

"Summer Bouquet"

16" H  x 15" W   

Fused glass in the mosaic style. $850

Fern Bowl

appx 18" diameter


Sally Shelton Nooney

A little bit about the process of Fused Glass.

Glass for fusing comes in sheets, powders, and chips. 

It is cut and manipulated into designs, then fired in a kiln where it fuses into one sheet of glass, becoming known as Fused Glass. 

The glass heats slowly to temperatures around 1500 degrees, then cools slowly back down.  This process can take from15 hours plus for each firing.  If the glass has a shape, it has been fired at least twice.  Many items take 3 or 4 firings to achieve the desired look.

Fused Glass is Food Safe.

Large Butterfly

20" x 20"


Coral and Splash Bowls

appx 8" diameter

Also look great displayed on the wall!

$52.00 to $58.00 each USD

Tree of Life

with copper inclusions

3" x 6"

$45.00 USD stand included

No two tiles are ever alike in tree shape or coloring.

Comes in a variety of greens, reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks.